OUR Company

Our name is SR Wood, and we proudly manufacture Forestree Wood Wallcovering – an American-made prefinished wood wallcovering created for the most demanding architectural and design standards.


SR Wood is located in America’s heartland, nestled perfectly among the world’s finest hardwood forests:  Indiana’s white oak, Kentucky’s walnut, Michigan’s maple, and Pennsylvania’s cherry.  This geographic proximity to nearby resources is why craftsmen and companies alike have settled in southern Indiana.  Combined with access to a talented workforce and major transportation routes, SR Wood’s location plays a vital factor enabling the company to deliver the world’s highest quality of architectural woods to your door.


SR Wood is a family-owned business, tracing its wood wallcovering manufacturing roots back to the depths of the Great Depression in 1933, when C.L Westray purchased used wood woodworking equipment from a bankrupt company and loaded it piece by piece onto railcars for transport.  Since these humble beginnings, three generations of our family have managed the business, continually instilling a family approach into everyday business practices.  SR Wood’s extended family of employees, customers, and suppliers have played and continue to play crucial roles in the company’s growth and development.


Our company has produced vinyl wallcovering, imported grass cloth wallcovering, and developed acoustical wallcovering – ventures that provided keen understanding and vast experience into the wallcovering world.  Those efforts have been divested, re-started, and divested again.  The one constant throughout the decades has been manufacturing wood wallcovering.  Wood is our true passion and purpose, and today represents our primary product.


We believe that those who earn their income by harvesting and selling the benefits of real wood carry a greater responsibility than most. Total transparency is essential. To earn and retain the trust of leading architects, designers, and interior specification professionals, we adhere to environmental stewardship and sustainability practices, standards and ethics.


SR Wood’s mission is to embrace, share, and protect the beauty that is natural wood.  We accomplish this by investing in our team, believing in our customers, and leveraging our influence in the marketplace to conserve, protect, and restore our forestry resources.